MeetingPlanner 1.0

MeetingPlanner 1.0: Use the Meeting Planner when planning meetings across several time regions Meeting Planner is used for planning meetings across different time zones. Planning a meeting can be complicated when attendees don`t share the same time zone. The Meeting Planner helps in finding possible times that work in all attendee time zones. Meeting Planner converts your local time to different time zones simultaneously, taking into consideration the time differences and Daylight Saving in every location.

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XP Firewall Control 2.5

zones. XP Firewall Control introduces named security zones and allows security zone management at named zones level with 3D user interface. Features Network game protection Game network access control from within the game Complete usage of XP firewall benefits 3D user interface Handy application access control on the desktop Per-application security zones One touch security settings for applications Group security zone management User-defined zones

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Time Zones Map in Flash 1.01: Time Zones Map can serve you both for your personal and business satisfaction.
Time Zones Map in Flash 1.01

Zones Map you get: • Easy customization and integration to any website • Ready-to-use flash world time map with no HTML or Flash knowledge required • 20+ high quality images for the timezones map background • Included source code (.fla file) • Utmost profits from your already customer-orientated website • And your own satisfaction Therefore, Time Zones Map greatly boosts your online performance, makes you stand out from the number of

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Timezone Expert  world time zone clock Gold Edtion 2.8.01: Show multiple time zone clocks in Windows taskbar.
Timezone Expert world time zone clock Gold Edtion 2.8.01

zones. Features include: - Show multiple time zone clocks in Windows taskbar. - Time converter for time calculations across timezones - Powerful reminder feature. - Search more than 250 countries and 3000 cities time zone information around the world. - Calculate and display the working time overlap for people in different time zones. - Edit time zone information in Windows registry. - Online time synchronization via NTP. --Timezone Expert is Very

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Advanced URLs filter  for Internet Explorer Softly cleans advertising (Banners, Popups), flexible Web Zones management
Advanced URLs filter for Internet Explorer

Softly cleans advertising (Banners, Popups), flexible Web Zones management, control of access to the Web Zones and scheduling accessing time. Internet Explorer 5+ plug-in.

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ZoneTrekker International timezones, clocks, alarms, public holidays, world day/night map.

View world clocks, time zones, and a day and night map, and keep track of public holidays. Ideal for businesspeople, travelers, and anyone who wants to stay in touch with colleagues, family, or friends around the world. Displays the current local times of all selected cities with automatic time-zone and daylight-saving adjustments, pre-set alarm notifications, forthcoming holidays, and allow daily side by side timezone comparisons.

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Zipkey 8.07E: Zipcode and US area code lookup tool, can feed results via keystrokes to apps.
Zipkey 8.07E

ZIPKEY is a complete city-level directory of 5-digit United States zipcodes, 3-digit telephone area codes, and time zones, combined with a keyboard enhancement program. If you type US addresses into any Windows program, ZIPKEY will speed your job and improve your accuracy. You type the zipcode, and ZIPKEY types out the city, state, etc. for you. Instantly look up telephone area codes and time zones as well.

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